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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 | 2/22/2012 02:27:00 pm | 0 comments
i already back from meet you..
you know what??
i'm very happy of that 
almost one month i didn't meet you because you n me was busy.
one day i was very happy to be beside you and lay my head into your shoulder make me more comfortable with you. i do not believe that something like this happens again after a misunderstanding both of us last 3 months.
you know what since we have misunderstanding i try to forget u and try to give opportunities to others but i can't.
 all my day i only thinking about you n you
i can't explain it to you, but i wish that one day u know what i mean.
my love is for u not for others
and i'll make sure that your love is belongs to me too.
no matter what happen i'm still with you and i hope that someday u become my perfect husband.

we create it on teluk kemang island port dickson
it's just a love make by sand that when waves come it's gone!!
but i know ur heart is not like that.
i wish what i have in mind is also in your mind..

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