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Friday, 16 March 2012 | 3/16/2012 04:34:00 pm | 0 comments
since of late I am very busy with tutorials, assignment, test, quiz, and the most important final exam, when a lot of work that i need to finish up until the due date,
 it's make me more stress
and when i'm stress and i'm getting angry with all my friend even housemate also involved once.
and now days i'm also touching with no reason.
and when all this happen it;s totally showed in the face
i try to avoid that kind of feeling because it's make my friends totally suspicion
dear friends if you read this blog i want to tell you that i really do not angry with you or touching
this happens because of my own mistakes
i'm just ordinary girl who always make mistakes and i'm try to be good with you all 
and at last my heart is sick because of too want keep friends feeling.
here i want to apologize to all my friends
i'm really do love this friendship and 
i don't wants because of me this friendship broken in the middle
and the most important is i can't tell 
why i'm touching at all because i fear i am wrong and make you angry.
sorry eja and amoy because do that kind of thing that make you angry or maybe make you all disgusted with me..
when anger control myself this will happen.

p/s : this is my weakness, i hope you can accept it...
        dear AMOY and EJA if you read this please text me back that u will forgive me
        i'm feel sorry >_<

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