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Friday, 3 August 2012 | 8/03/2012 08:07:00 pm | 0 comments
selamat berpuasa kawan2..
ALHAMDULILLAH selesai sudah iftar ke 15... means skung tinggal 15 hari je lagi tok kite menjalani ibadah puasa kali ini...
this ramadhan kinda busy for me.. everyday have to woke up early and make a cookies for my regular customer..
alhamdulillah order for this year more than enough.. 

some of cookies that i make..
after make a cookies and also cake i have to prepared for iftar for my siblings...
last week result for semester 4 much better from semester 3...
its ok.. i have to work harder to make sure i will be in de first class..
this coming monday i will back to shah alam because my new semester will begin the next wednesday..
and also i was so surprised he waiting for me..
sorry buat you tertunggu2..
 i will back soon dear..
jgn balik batu pahat dulu k...
will meet soon..

*sama2 kita habiskn puasa kali nie k... and kinda miss you <3<3<3

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